Boat Launch Policy


Weather Dependent at Owner’s discretion – check or call 262-468-6228 for boat launch updates and info



Weather/Moisture Depending – April 1 – October 31 (owner’s discretion – check or for launch updates)


Season Hours:

24 Hours Monday through Friday (Attended 8 am – 8 pm)
No trailer parking on weekends from 8 am Sat to 8 pm Sunday
During unattended hours, payment drop box located outside Nomad Boardsports door. Failure to pay will result in double fee or expulsion.


Launch Fees:

$20 with trailer parking (Based on availability, Limit of 5, first come first served)
$5 with no trailer (Parking only)
Be sure to fill out all information on the envelope to avoid any confusion on payment made.


Commercial Use:

Businesses using Panga launch for commercial purposes MUST obtain permission.
Daily pass for rental launch w/no parking: $20 Seasonal access: $250
Daily heavy vehicle launch w/no parking: $75 Seasonal access: $400



Designated parking for trailers is along the fence behind Nomad Boardsports.
Non-trailer parking for those not participating in Panga or Nomad Boardsports is on the South side of Nomad Boardsports.

(Avoid parking directly in front of Panga)



Sundays and Holidays 12 pm – 3 pm


Leave No Trace:

Be sure you leave the launch the way it was when you arrived for everyone to utilize with the same comfort and serenity that you did.

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